Accreditation on another OPAL cluster

UCA staff who already have an account on Azzurra for a valid project are automatically OPAL accredited and therefore it is not necessary for them to complete this form.

If you are a UCA user without an account on Azzurra and wish to calculate on another OPAL cluster (see list here), please complete the form below to submit your OPAL accreditation request to us.

If your request is accepted, you will be OPAL accredited and can therefore submit an access request to the cluster of your choice.

The accreditation is valid for one year and renewable after submission of a publication report for the past year.

Please indicate the name of the laboratory director, the address and the type of laboratory (code of the unit, team or attached entity).
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Indicate the lastname, firstname, academic e-mail and contract end date for each person already a member of UCA. To add new users to an already validated project, see here.
Duration of the job, max memory, number of cores (if known). If GPU: number of GPU accelerator cards.