Since 2021, the MSI has been organizing training courses around computing every year, free of charge and open to any UCA member.

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Testimonials from participants

Skills learned in these training are directly applicable to my research and in optimizing my own code. In addition to the training material, the instructors also gave generous suggestions and serious thoughts about how to optimize my own code. In 4 days, I learned so much not only about the libraries for HPC but also the hardware, the knowledge of which is also important in achieving better performance in our program. I really hope more training on HPC would be given in the future and more research…

Chao Liang, post-doc at Géoazur

The training was just perfect. The trainers were very competent and clear in the explanations. The course was designed with a very educational path that allowed us to follow and appreciate: starting from the usefulness of OpenMP and its general aspects, we arrived at deeper and more advanced functionalities. Also, exercises were offered to us throughout the course to apply the acquired knowledge: we had time to work on it alone and then discuss it with the trainers in a dynamic way. For my part, I do scientific computing and I therefore need to always optimize my codes as well as possible; I will surely use what I learned in this course. Thank you to the trainers for their time and to the organizers for this opportunity! I look forward to further training!

Michel Orsi, PhD student at INPHYNI