Azzurra HPC center

Azzurra aims to provide research laboratories and students throughout the University with a high quality and flexible computing platform offering high level intensive computing possibilities (CPU and GPU) and high performance storage space.


1 March 2021

Discover one of Azzurra’s research projects

Simulations of concentrated non-Brownian suspensions” is a research project from the Institut de Physique de Nice (InPhyNi – CNRS, UCA) with access to Azzurra. Click here to find out more about the project and the interest of using the HPC centre’s resources.

3 February 2021

Increase of queue limits

The maximum number of CPU cores that can be used simultaneously by a project account has been increased to 280 cores for the cpucourt queue, instead of 200 previously.

14 December 2020

New: Intel licenses

We just acquired licenses for Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition 2020, which includes the C, C++, Fortran compilers and MPI librairies.

To learn more about how to use them on Azzurra, click here.

1 December 2020

HPC training: survey

Training sessions will begin in 2021 following the identification of your needs via this survey. The courses will be open to all, including non-users of Azzurra.

The three topics are: OpenMP, MPI and an Introduction to GPU. These are advanced courses for people experienced in development.