Azzurra HPC center

Azzurra aims to provide research laboratories and students throughout the Université Côte d’Azur with a high quality and flexible computing platform offering high level intensive computing possibilities (CPU and GPU) and high performance storage space.


19 October 2022

Dynamo seeds

The LJAD / INRIA / Lagrange / CNRS research project Dynamo seeds uses the computing ressources provided by Azzurra.

Learn more about this project on the MSI website.

29 September 2022

Summary of our ’22 trainings

15 April 2022

New GPU node

A new node equipped with 4 Nvidia A100 80 GB GPU cards has just been put into service. Check this page to learn how to use it.

The limit on the number of GPUs that can be used simultaneously has been increased to 6.

23 February 2022

Activity report 2020-21

The Azzurra activity report for 2020-21 has just been published. You can read it by clicking here.

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