How to choose the most appropriate job queue


You need a lot of memory

Each node in partitions cpucourt and cpulong has 192 Gb of memory. If you estimate this is not enough for your job, you can ask the scientific committee the access to the SMP machine (the smp partition) that has 512 Gb of RAM. To do so, you can explain the work you want to achieve and justify the need to use the SMP node when submitting your application. If you already sent us the form without mentioning it, please contact us at centre-calculs.cs [at] univ-cotedazur [dot] fr

You want to perform benchmarking

It is recommended to reserve a node in exclusive mode (therefore submit your job on the cpulong partition) for benchmarking, even if your job requires only one or few cores. Indeed, if other jobs are running simultaneously on the same node, the input-output (I /O) and the communications between memory and CPUs of these other jobs could impact the performance measured by your benchmark.

If none of our partitions matches your needs, you may contact us in order to request a reservation of resources.

You want to perform visualisation tasks

Currently, there is no visualisation node on Azzurra.