How to choose the most appropriate job queue


Your job has specific needs in terms of hardware

If your job has specific needs in terms of hardware (cores per node, memory, etc.), click here to view the technical characteristics of all the machines. The associated queues can be viewed on this page.

You need a lot of memory

Intel nodes have 192 Gb of memory. The AMD nodes have 256 Gb. If you estimate this is not enough for your job, you can ask us the access to the SMP machine (the smp partition) that has 1 Tb of RAM.

You want to perform benchmarking

It is recommended to reserve a node in exclusive mode for benchmarking, even if your job requires only one or few cores. Indeed, if other jobs are running simultaneously on the same node, the input-output (I /O) and the communications between memory and CPUs of these other jobs could impact the performance measured by your benchmark. To use the exclusive mode, add the following option:

#SBATCH –exclusive

If none of our partitions matches your needs, you may contact us in order to request a reservation of resources.

You want to perform visualisation tasks

Click here to learn how to use our visualization node.