My job is queued up or denied by Slurm

My job is queued up (“PD – Pending” in Slurm)

Each job queue has specific constraints which are defined on this page. Please check that the simultaneous limitations allowed per project are not reached yet by viewing the queue for your project:

squeue -A <project name>

If the resources requested by your job would exceed this limit, your job is put on queue until other jobs from your project terminate.

If the reason is QOSGrpCPUMinutesLimit: you have reached the CPU time allowed to your project. You can see an estimate of the consumed time with the command “usage_info” when logged onto the login node. Contact us to request for an increase of allowed CPU time.

Otherwise, this means there are not enough resources currently available on the cluster to meet your request in terms of resources and/or walltime.

See also : Priority for pending jobs.

My job is denied by Slurm

Many reasons can cause your job is denied by Slurm, including:

  • You didn’t mention your project name with the option “account” or -A.
  • The resources/walltime requested exceed the limits set for the desired queue. View the limits here.
  • You want to use the smp or gpu queue whereas this access has not been granted to your project (the access is only granted upon request).
  • You’re not a permanent researcher and the end date of your contract as mentioned in your user charter has been reached. (You will receive reminders one month before the expiry and your supervisor must contact us if your contract has been extended.)