Display the current utilization of resources

Below are listed different ways to view the current utilization of nodes, the list of pending jobs and those running on the different partitions.

List of idle nodes

sinfo --state=idle

On a specific partition:

sinfo --state=idle -p partition_name

See the list of partition names here.

Nodes information

Retrieve information about all the nodes and their current load:

scontrol show nodes

Information about a particular node (compute01):

scontrol show node compute01

Jobs list


For a given user or partition:

squeue -u <username> -p <partition name>


Visual listing starting from the job running for the longest period:

sview (jobs and nodes)

To have a look at the resources being used (free/used cores on each node), you first need to launch Xlaunch (click on “Next” or “Suivant” on each window):

Using PuTTY, tick the “Enable X11 forwarding” box:

Once you are logged in, call the following command:


Add the “Nodes” tab by clicking on “Visible Tabs” (the last tab).

Click on the “Jobs” tab to view the list of pending/running jobs: